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Silicone Ear Key Ring Phone Stand

Silicone Ear Key Ring Phone Stand

It’s a phone stand!

It’s a keyring!

It’s a convenient place to neatly store your earbuds!

We’re all about products that serve multiple functions here at drunkMall. So, even though this item may look completely pointless to you at first, just chill because we wouldn’t do wrong like that…

This goofy looking ear is made of soft silicone and is actually a pretty great accessory for the modern smartphone user. Check it out…

Just like a pierced earlobe, there’s a little hold for a keyring. The suction cup on the back of the ear attaches to the backside of a phone to prop it upĀ and it can also be used to attach the ear (with keyring) to a suitable surface so you know where your keys are!

The inner part of the ear is designed to fit earbuds and about an inch away from the keyring hole there’s a slot to insert the cable after wrapping it around the ear.

How’s that for a useful item?!

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