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Mess-Free Nail Clipper

Mess-Free Nail Clipper

Worried about someone using your nail clippings in a voodoo curse? Or perhaps you’re simply no longer amused by the inevitable search for clipped fingernails after you get done trimming.

In either case, we found a solution for the problem.

It’s called the CutHut and you probably figured out what it does as soon as you saw it but there’s a couple bells and whistles you may not have seen coming.

There’s a small box. You insert the included nail clippers from one end and the fingernail to be trimmed from the other. This way, when the nail is clipped, it can try to fly away wherever the hell is wants but it will be trapped inside the little cube.

We promised some bells and whistles and we keep our promises!

See that viewing window?

It’s actually a magnifier that helps you better see what you’re doing while cutting the nail. There’s also an LED light (battery included) on the inside for night grooming.

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