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Animal Style Fries Air Freshener

Animal Style Fries Air Freshener

Every lover of animal style fries needs this air freshener in their life!

Animal style is a way of life.

Know how you can tell?

The next time you’re in a fine fast food dining establishment that offers fries animal style (on or off the menu), pay attention to the way anyone who orders animal style is dressed.

Notice anything unusual?

No! You don’t!

People who eat animal style fries dress exactly the same way as everyone who doesn’t eat their fries animal style and that. is. in. sane! Every single order of animal fries holds the full potential to render any given outfit unwearable forever. We’re talking at least three different kinds of possible stain – yet people still line up in their best threads to place their order.

That’s how you know animal style is a way of life.

This air freshener doesn’t smell like fries, by the way. It smells more like cologne or perfume.

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