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Taco Emotions Pin

Taco Emotions Pin

People are a lot like tacos.

Most of us have at least a little bit of a hard exterior as defense but when you get past that then we’re full of all sorts of soft gooey stuff like emotions on the inside. The main difference between us and tacos though is that all of that soft emotional stuff on the inside can go very, very wrong. With tacos, not so much. It’s just delicious goodness inside a taco shell.

So, while it’s true that human emotions make us a lot like tacos, tacos are unquestionably better than human emotions. And that’s why this little taco button speaks the truth. So the next time you get in your feelings and it sucks, just remember that you can make yourself be full of tacos and, whatever else may be awful about that day, you’ll at least have the tacos.

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