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STFU Phone Case

STFU Phone Case

The official phone case of everyone who makes sure they stare intently at their phone the entire time they’re in public so hopefully people will leave them alone.

You won’t have to worry about accidentally smiling or laughing at something and breaking your unapproachable image if your phone case does this good of a job sending the message that you aren’t interested!

This phone case is designed like a heavily tattooed hand giving the finger with knuckle tats reading STFU beneath the extended (and black-nailed) middle finger!

That finger means “go fuck yourself” and STFU means “shut the fuck up,” so you could describe this product as rude, if you were so inclined. Something tells us that anyone who’d want to buy it won’t be put off by this description.

And if anyone still tries to talk to you then you can just point at the phone case to give them another chance to get the hint.

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