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Animal Head Balloons

Animal Head Balloons

When someone says the words “animal balloons” to you, it probably conjures up memories of six foot long skinny balloons being tied into abstract shapes by a probably alcoholic and definitely terrifying clown.

Friends, whatever age you are now, it’s time to rescue your childhood.

We don’t have to play the blame game. It’s not your parents’ fault. There wasn’t always a lot of options for entertaining children and you’d honestly probably be a little bitch right now if you didn’t have your constitution strengthened by exposure to nightmarish creatures like birthday party clowns.

Anyway, animal balloons are better now.

Someone figured out how to make regular balloons look like cool and cute animal heads. Rhinos and tigers and bears, oh my!

If you can blow up a normal balloon then you can handle these.

No clowns required!

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