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Pancake Jelly Beans

Pancake Jelly Beans

Pancakes are everything.

Everything you need to know is right there in the word: pan cakes. Cakes made in a pan. And not only are you allowed to eat them for breakfast but it’s actually considered extremely normal, sometimes even expected.

Don’t you ever say this life is meaningless. Pancakes are more than enough meaning. In fact, the only problem with pancakes is that you can’t fill up your pockets with them and walk around all day with a constant supply of breakfast deliciousness.

Until now…

Not only has Jelly Belly come out with these amazing Pancake & Maple Syrup flavor jelly beans but – prepare yourself – they’re gluten free!

All you sorry so-and-so’s out there depriving yourselves of delicious stacks of sugary flour goodness for gluten-related purposes can get to work crushing bags of these right away!

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