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Scarab Bottle Opener

Scarab Bottle Opener

Scarabs are so cool.

Perhaps you recall the classic 1999 American action horror film, The Mummy? Starring the unfairly underrated Brendan Fraser (Blast from the Past, Monkeybone) and probably some other people, scarabs played a big and scary role in the plot. Some of you younger folks probably even had nightmares about some beetles crawling up under your skin and freaky business like that.

But you don’t have to worry about that because those kind of beetles aren’t even in the United States and they also don’t do things like crawl into the skin of living people.

For instance, all this scarab does is look cool and open bottles.

That’s pretty awesome, right?

Yes, it is.

At a little under 5 inches long, this bottle opener gives you something to hold onto without being too large. It also doesn’t really look like a bottle opener, which is nice.

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