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LED High-Top Sneakers

LED High-Top Sneakers

These shoes are L-O-U-D!

Not recommended for shy folks, this pair of Electric Styles‘ High-Top Bolts will have you spending the night walking on top of your very own LED light show!

You’ve got twelve different modes to choose from: seven static colors or five modes of changing colors. (Here, check out this video to see the kicks in action.) The shoes are powered by a rechargeable battery and you can charge them both at once with the included special USB cable. When fully charged, the batteries last up to 6 hours of glow time. That’s a whole party’s worth of standing way out from the crowd!

We’re showing you the black high-tops here but they come in several other colors as well. You can pick up a pair in white, red, blue and even some two-tones through the button below.


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