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Large Interval Timer

Large Interval Timer

Do you even HIIT, bro?

High Intensity Interval Training is everything in the fitness game right now. Unless you’re training to run a marathon, the old style of working out – warm up, work out for an hour or two, cool down – is so over. The cult of Crossfit tells us that bro science has shown training in explosive bursts to yield better results across the board.

No one who works at drunkMall is a doctor or trainer or anything like that. You’ll have to go somewhere else to learn whether or not HIIT is suitable for you. But here’s how it works…

First, do your warm up. (Always do your warm up, bro.)

Then you’ll have your routine of exercises planned out. For simplicity, we’ll say you’re just doing squats. This is how that’s gonna play out:

  • 10 seconds of squats at medium intensity
  • 20 seconds of squats at max intensity

Repeat until the suffering is over.

That’s it!

Simple, right? Yeah, talk to us again after you try it for the first time. Anyway, you’ll need a timer to do all of this because it’s hard to count the seconds when you’re sucking air like they stopped making more of it. This timer is as good as they get. Program multiple workouts and start them with one button. It’s got a beeper and a countdown sequence.

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