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90s “Jazz Cup” Design sweater

90s "Jazz Cup" Design sweater

This has to be the third or fourth product we’ve featured with this design on it. We love it. If you somehow don’t recognize, back in The Nine-Deez this was the design printed on just about every cheap, wax Solo cup. Like, you couldn’t leave your house without seeing it somewhere.

Recently it’s popped back up on the scene due to ever-increasing ’90s nostalgia. That really popular social media guy @fuckjerry has it set as his profile pic. We don’t really know who that guy is, why he’s famous or why he likes the design so much but, hey, we like it, too!

Anyway, it’s on cups, shirts, shorts and now: this sweater!

Actually, our dude Andrew W.K. would look dope in this because he’s always wearing white pants, too! Someone buy this sweater for Andrew! He parties so hard, he’s gotta recognize this design from all the party cups he’s had. That dude rules…

This sweater rules, too!

UPDATE: We’re being told this sweater is now unavailable. drunkMall posts go viral pretty much every week and sometimes products sell out because they were posted to the site. The best things you can do are bookmark the site, follow us on social media (Use the buttons at the top of this page or search for @drunkMall everywhere) and subscribe to drunkMail, the weekly email.

[Of course, if this isn’t your style then you may want to see drunkMall’s Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater gift guide for some more options that are out there!]

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