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Alice in Wonderland Bottle in a Book

Alice in Wonderland Bottle in a Book

What a truly unique gift for the lover of books and booze!

Handmade by BookRooks from Louisiana, this is a leather-bound edition of Alice in Wonderland with the pages hollowed out to hide an 8.5oz glass flask within the pages.

Anyone who’s read the book knows there isn’t a work of fiction better suited to such a creation. The bottle even comes with a tag that reads “DRINK ME” like the bottle of magic potion Alice finds and drinks within the story.

You won’t have to worry about the bottle falling out of the pages and accidentally breaking, as the covers are held together by a strong magnetic closure. How strong? It survived a ten foot high drop test onto concrete. Sound good?

Here’s the best part: look closely and you’ll see ALICE is etched onto the glass flask. Your order comes with a custom etching in place of that. You can leave it as ALICE or choose another name. The design around the personalization is also up to you – choose from ten different options.

What are you waiting for – a caterpillar smoking a hookah to tell you it’s a good buy?

Get this now!

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