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EXCLUSIVE: Life Hacks for Sale

Life Hacks for Sale

Are you SICK & TIRED of all these PROBLEMS IN YOUR LIFE?!?!

Spoiler Alert: Pro Tip – You need some LIFE HACKS!

Before drunkMall, it used to be quite an undertaking to find some decent life hacks. You can only click on about three post titled something like “35 Simple Tricks You Wish You Learned Years Ago” before you realize someone snagged the “34 Unbelievable Life Hacks OMG” post you saw last month and added a new shitty picture to the list…

And back before wading through all that clickbait, you had to spend all night waiting for the “TV shows” to get done airing so you could finally see some quality infomercials!

It’s a golden age we live in, people. And it goes deeper than the wonderful post you’re about to read!

After you get done with list, hit up the life hack tag on this site to see every product we’ve ever posted that can make your life easier in some way. Bookmark it and you can keep coming back to see new additions!

#1 Ham Dogger

Ham Dogger

Got a pound of ground beef and nothing but hot dug buns in the bread hamper?

Say it all together now: LIFE HACK!

The Ham Dogger lets you form ground meats into a compact tube shape for dog-ified burger deliciousness!

This unique contraption also makes it super easy to make a “Juicy Lucy” style stuffed burger dog!

#2 Texting Gloves

Texting Gloves

Winter is a cruel time to have a social life.

Numb fingers make for typo-riddles texts but then a touchscreen won’t respond to the touch of a gloved finger.


You guessed it: a glove made of human skin!

Wait, no…

Put down the filet knife, someone figured out how to make some gloves that will be recognized by a touchscreen!

Life hack!

#3 Flask Mittens

Flask Mittens

Are you getting tired of life hacks yet?

Pro Tip: never get sick of life hacks!

Life Hack: wear mittens that help you get drunk!

It’s actually a myth that drinking alcohol helps you keep warm in cold weather. But it’s actually not a myth that drinking alcohol helps you get drunk.

So, you know, face the facts.

#4 Sweepovac


Dustpans never should have been invented.

Like, it would have made just as much sense for every house in human history to have been designed with an outhouse-style hole in the middle of the floor. Between the hole and using a dustpan, many people would choose the hole.

As it happens, this entire discussion is irrelevant because our technology has evolved past both the dustpan and the hole-that-should-have-been.

What’s that sound? Can it be?

Is it a life hack?

Oh, it truly is!

The Sweepovac is a standalone vacuum unit that installs near the floor of a kitchen (or any room with a hard floor, really) and will be there to suck up your sweepings quickly and conveniently!

#5 Coffee Gummies

Chewable Coffee Cubes

Caffeine in the morning – we need it.

Time to make coffee in the morning – we don’t have it.

Life hack?

Life hack.

GoCubes are deliciously chewy cubes of caffeinated goodness. Made with real coffee, they bring that familiar flavor, along with a gang of nootropic supplements for added results!

#6 Always Crunchy Cereal Bowl

Never Soggy, Always Crunchy cereal bowl

Actual generations of humans have suffered through morning after morning of several delicious bites of crunchy cereal followed by a bowlful of soggy slop.

That suffering was needless.

It could all have been prevented had some creative life hacker been quicker to see that the average cereal bowl needed only one simple modification!

Pour your milk into the lower level of the bowl. Add your cereal to the upper level. Spoon that crunchy cereal down into the milk, one bite at a time. Enjoy that goodness an entire bowlful at a time with no compromise at the end!

#7 Hidden Litter Box

Hidden Litter Box

Here’s a sentence that’s never been said: “Oh, I love where you’ve put the litter box. Yeah, that really brings the whole room together. Very nice!”

Litter boxes are not awesome.

The only thing worse than a litter box is not having a litter box and letting your cats shit wherever they feel like shitting that day. So, we’re kind of married to the litter box, then. Fine.

But what if we told you that you can hack the entirety of your cat lovin’ life by hiding the feline shit zone inside what looks like a regular fake plant in a clay pot?

#8 Giant Carabiner

Giant Carabiner

You’ve seen this on every one of those clickbait life hacks articles we mentioned above but we’re including it here because it really is that good.

These massive carabiners can be used to give a padded handle to literally anything with a closed loop. Perhaps the best and most common use you’ll find for this will be carrying plastic grocery bags. Just hook them into the carabiner and make sure the latch is closed to haul those bags in one trip without plastic bag handles cutting into your fingers!

#9 Bed Desk

Bed Desk

Most of us (especially the freelance “work from home” crowd) try to use our bed like a desk way more than we probably should. So accept who you really are and hook yourself up with this actual desk that’s specifically made to be rolled over the top of a bed!

It’s almost like someone out there is paying attention to what people do and creating products accordingly – crazy!

#10 Tape Measure w/ Built-In Pencil

Tape Measure w/ Built-In Pencil

If you think this one isn’t that big of a deal then you must have been born with an extra arm or something.

Holding a tape measure steady to mark the measurement can be a pain in the ass even if you didn’t accidentally set the pencil down in the other room. With this measure, it’s as simple as moving the unit from side to side.

Just look at that picture.

Look at it.

It’s beautiful.

#11 Versatile Tablet Holder

T-Stand: versatile tablet stand

Sometimes you want to set your tablet on a table and watch a show.

Something you want to lay in bed with your tablet and watch a show.

T-Stand knows all about it. That’s why they made this stand that securely holds tablet devices with one half while the other serves as a stand that can be swiveled to suit your current needs!

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