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Wake Up Mug

Wake Up Mug

Caffeine is a hell of a drug.

But also, life is Hell without caffeine.

So embrace the daily cycle of withdrawal and fixing that comes with any addiction worth the price of admission!

Yeah, you’ll wake up every day feeling half-functional until you get that first cup of joe. But once you do finally get your dose of morning caffeine you’ll feel so much better!

This coffee mug is a pretty great representation of the immediate switch. When empty, the face on the cup doesn’t seem to thrilled with being half-awake. Heavy eyelids and a slight frown – you know, the way everyone who isn’t a “morning person” (a.k.a. likely psychotic murderer) looks when they wake up every day?

But once the cup gets filled with hot liquid, that face gets JACKED UP on all that caffeine – just like you do!

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