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Virus Stress Ball

Virus Stress Ball

Stress balls have mutated!

Whatever strain of virus or plague this is, it does look pretty gnarly…

Without pressure applied, it looks like an ordinary squeeze ball. Blue with a black honeycomb grid all around the surface.

But when squeezed, those honeycomb grids separate and sickly green bubbles inflate out from underneath the surface of the ball!

There’s a few different color combinations available and each one of them is called something gross, in keeping with the whole theme of the thing.

Honestly though, you could get this is a gift for someone and just not mention the gross-out part and they’d likely think it was just a really cool stress ball with an extra bit of business to distract your mind when squeezing the stress in and out. That being said, fans of The Strain would probably LOVE the cootie vibes!

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