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Sushi Phone Stand

Sushi Phone Stand

Prop up your phone with the fun and flavor of delicious sushi!

In today’s fast-paced scramble through days saturated with constant streams of new information, it’s far too easy to feel like you can’t set your phone down even for a few minutes. You could miss a new tweet from the president or a notification from your crush or some exclusive VIP pre-sale on concert tickets, etc.

Sushi is a perfect food for this culture. Small bites of delicious food, able to be eaten with only one hand using chopsticks, you know the drill. It’s quick and it’s healthy (if you stick to the real stuff and skip that cream cheese idiocy) but you still probably shouldn’t keep your phone in your hand the whole time you eat.

That’s a little rude.

But if you bring this little phone stand with you then you’ll have a small and convenient place to prop your phone up and it will even blend right in with the rest of the table!

Pro Tip: you can use this thing anywhere – not just at sushi places.

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