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GIVEAWAY: Edible Cake Candles

Edible Cake Candles

There really should be a law against putting inedible things that look delicious literally on top of and inside of edible things that are delicious.

Yeah, we’re talking about cake candles and it’s been a problem for a while now. Oh, don’t act like your parents never caught you trying to take a bite out of a birthday cake candle when you were a kid! Everyone tries it at some point in their life. Some even get all the way to taking the bite and ending up with a mouthful of wax.

Anyway, the problem has been solved and it really shouldn’t have taken this long to do think of it: edible cake candles!

Yeah, it only took hundreds of years for someone to realize that sputtering wax all over the dessert everyone is about it eat might not be the best thing.

The columns of these candles are made of chocolate – delicious and edible chocolate. The part of the candle that burns is just a small wick at the top and even that is made of food grade hemp, so if you accidentally eat that then you should be fine…


Everyone needs a reason to celebrate, so even if it isn’t your birthday or anytime close to it then you should still enter for a chance to win these candles from us. It’s a great excuse to get a cake and share it with some friends. You don’t even have to tell them the candles are edible – just start eating one!

Edible Cake Candles

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