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The Teatanic

The Teatanic

It’s almost hoodie season, which translates to “cardigan season” for everyone who’s grown out of wearing hoodies. (Shame on you.) And if the weather’s cooled down enough for outerwear then you know it’s a suitable season for a spot of tea!

Whether you’re enjoying some English breakfast tea or some herbal concoction, your loose leaves can entertain as they brew with this tea infuser shaped like The Titanic!

Put your tea leaves in the underbelly of the tiny cruise ship and set it in your cup of hot water to steep a perfect cup of tea!

The Teatanic is made of food-grade silicone (so it’s more rubbery than a hard plastic-type thing) and will float on top of the water if the cup is large enough for that. (It’s a little over four and half inches long.) But if the cup isn’t large enough for the whole ship to fit inside then you can prop it on end, as shown in the photo.

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