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Spicy Chinese Noodles Kit

Spicy Chinese Noodles Kit

The reason why you always see travel TV hosts hunting for sketchy-looking food carts and street vendors when they visit another country is that the local, traditional foods being served from those places are almost always going to be amazing. Those recipes were often created by poor people working with scraps and leftovers who had to try a little harder to come up with something delicious to serve their families. Makes sense?

Right, so that’s what’s up with these spicy Chinese noodles. Pretty much any place you go in China, there’s gonna be several places you can go to get a bomb-ass bowl of noodles like nothing you’ve ever had. It’s so common, they’ll have noodles for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s possible the locals take that for granted but when they come to America, they’ll realize how good those noodles were…

Flaming Moon is one such family recipe for what they call dan-dan noodles. Each kit comes with 10 bundles of Somen noodles, a bottle of dan-dan base sauce and a jar of spicy Chongqing sauce. That’s enough for ten bowls of noodle delight!

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