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Sushi Towel

Sushi Towel

Who doesn’t love sushi?!

Sushi is a beautiful food. We’re not talking about any of those deep-fried cream cheese rolls. That stuff is ridiculous. Traditional sushi. The old-school stuff. Fish and rice and sea weed.

It’s considered an art form for a reason. There’s an aesthetic there, a “clean” look to it. The work and care that goes into creating sushi is sort of inspiring.

So it makes sense that Japanese people are obsessed with creating non-food products that look like sushi. (We’ve featured a lot of these things on drunkMall before. Check out the SUSHI tag, if you want more.)

These hand towels resemble maki (sushi rolls) when rolled up. And are cute for use in the bathroom or kitchen at home. When unrolled, they no longer have the appearance of sushi, revealing plain fields of color in a minimalist pattern.

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