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Donald Trump Voodoo Doll

Donald Trump Voodoo Doll

Can Donald Trump be stopped?

Some of the talking heads on television say he can, some say he can’t. The truth is, none of them can be sure of what they’re saying and only time will tell. There isn’t a human on this planet who knows for certain whether or not Donald Trump is about to be the next President of The United States.

One thing is for sure:┬áTrump doesn’t seem to be playing by the same rules as everyone else. He may not even be playing the same game. Career politicians seem completely unprepared to face him head on because nobody know what he’ll say or do next.

We can think of a few people who might have laughed at the idea of buying a Donald Trump voodoo just a couple of months ago and now find themselves with a whoooole lot of time to sit around thinking about what would have happened if they’d just made that purchase…

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