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Purple Rhinestone Tongue Phone

Purple Rhinestone Tongue Phone

It’s faaaabulouuuuuussss!!!

Forget about sexting. Take it back to the old school with some hot and heavy breathing over a landline. Okay, okay… You don’t have to get all Miss Jackson if you nasty with the mouth phone if you don’t want. Yes, it does make a fine landline for regular and not pornographic use… sigh…

Seriously, though, who wouldn’t want this phone? It’s like if Prince made sex to The Rolling Stones’ band logo while Blondie’s “Call Me” played on repeat in the background

Yes, those are a bunch  of purple rhinestones on the lips and pink rhinestones on the tongue. That tongue looks like the whale’s tongue from Free Willy or something… Texture…

Oh, oh! One more cool thing is that the keypad is on the cradle instead of the underside of the handset, so you won’t be accidentally pressing keys with your cheek if you have to kick over to hands-free mode for a minute or twelve.

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