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Song Lyrics Laptop Sleeve

Song Lyrics Laptop Sleeve

There’s a certain type of music fan.

They can be a teenager or a senior citizen, male or female, any kind of personality or lifestyle… But there’s a certain type of music fan that has to let you know they are a real music fan. These are the kind of people who roll their windows down and blast their favorite song at intersections during a red light, as if everyone else in the entire world doesn’t also like music and wouldn’t rather be listening to the song they’ve chosen to hear in that given moment…

It’s like the joke everyone always makes about vegans incessantly talking about themselves, except it’s way, way more real and, somehow, no on ever talks about it. A few years back, we even started calling these people “curators,” which is a fancy word for someone who doesn’t have a real job, which gives them more time to focus on making sweet playlists.

Anyway, here’s a laptop sleeve for the people who have to let everyone know that music means, like, so much more to them than it means to anyone else.

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