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Buttloose Tina Belcher

Buttloose Tina Belcher

This Tina Belcher collectible figure is on the loose – buttloose!

Fans of the stupendous cartoon series Bob’s Burgers know Tina as a precocious youth. The age of 13 has found Tina a passionate devotee of such interests as rainbows, horses, cinema, zombies… butts… and writing erotic fan fiction, like her story Buttloose.

Buttloose is pretty much the tale of Footloose but, instead of teenagers rebelling against a town where dancing is against the law, it’s about teenagers who want to touch their butts together in a way that Tina Belcher finds compelling, for probably several reasons.

So this Funko Pop figure portrays Tina Belcher as she would ideally be dressed for one of these butt touching sessions – pink ’80s dancewear. A perfect gift for every person who has a butt touching teenage girl buried somewhere deep down inside of them… Or not so deep at all!

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