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Vegan Cookbook and Relationship Manifesto

Vegan Cookbook and Relationship Manifesto

All those jokes about vegans and nobody ever considers what it’s like to actually date or live with one.

Two vegans living together, hey, that’s probably fine. Quiet nights at home, watching documentaries and ignoring each other’s seitan farts. How quaint.

The trouble comes when a lesser being – like a vegetarian or (believe it or not) someone who eats meat – attempts to break all the rules and get with a Vegan.

Sure, things might go well in the grace period at the beginning, when the sex and novelty of it all make everything seem magical. That’s just a phase…

Soon enough, the rose colored glasses come off and lifestyles will clash.

When that happens, you could use a little help holding things together. That’s where The Lusty Vegan can be of assistance. It’s a cookbook with delicious vegan recipes. But it’s also a “relationship manifesto” full of great relationship advice!

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