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Orangina Sour Gummies

Orangina Sour Gummies

The key word missing from the packaging of this candy is “sour.”

Or, who knows, maybe that’s what some of those French words say.

But we’re letting you know right now, these little French candies are sour. Maybe not as intense as Sour Patch Kids but if you see this bag and don’t speak French, well, you might not be expecting the taste you get. Also, they’re delicious, as anyone familiar with Orangina would expect from seeing that brand name involved.

For the uninitiated, Orangina is a lightly carbonated French fruit beverage with orange, lemon, mandarin and grapefruit juices. It’s so good. Like, if you haven’t had it then you should get some if you can find it.

But you don’t have to find these candies because we’ve already found them for you!

They’re right here! Gummy Orangina candies with a sour twist! Three different flavors in every bag!

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