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Cherry Flavored Ghost Pepper Powder

Cherry Flavored Ghost Pepper Powder

Hands up if you used to eat Pixy Stix when you were a kid.

Okay, everyone who had a good childhood and parents who loved them can put their hand back down now.

Life was simpler then, with simpler pleasures.

Flavored sugar in a sealed straw. That’s all it took for a moment of happiness.

You can go back to that place. Sure, you’re an adult now but all that really means is you get to decide when you’re allowed to have a treat and how much of the treat you’re allowed to have.

Still not the same?

Okay, that’s fair. Everything felt new when you were young. But we can fix that, too.

All you’ve gotta do is add something new to the equation.

Powdered ghost pepper, for instance.

Now, hold on. Don’t freak out.

Just imagine it…

A test tube full of cherry-flavored sugar and ghost pepper powder.

Have you ever had an experience anything remotely like that?

Probably not.

Now’s your chance!

Just remember, do not under ANY circumstances snort it, no matter what the cool kids are doing…

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