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Chewbacca Stein

Chewbacca Stein

Have you ever wondered what types of alcohol every Star Wars character would drink?

No? Just us?

Well, fine, but we’ve always imagined that Chewbacca would be a beer drinker.

He’s so big and hairy, like a biker or something. It’s easy to imagine him enjoying a giant mug of cold beer when he’s not gallivanting around the galaxy with Han Solo and the gang.

That’s why we like this officially licensed Chewbacca beer stein!

Many fanboys/fangirls will see this item as a collectible but it’s also a functional and high-quality beer stein – not just a novelty!

Made of ceramic, this thing is hefty, weighing over 2.5 pounds!

The thumb lift to raise the lid (which is Chewbacca’s whole head) is made from real pewter. This mug was manufacture with quality in mind and any beer-drinking lover of Star Wars should be thrilled to own it!

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