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Labyrinth Vinyl Reissue

Labyrinth Vinyl Reissue

Get ready to chilly down like you haven’t chillied down in ages because the super rare Labyrinth vinyl LP has been reissued and is out now!

Maybe you’ve forked out some serious cash for an original sometime in the last 30 years but now everyone else can finally get this reminiscent soundtrack experience on their turntable at home. Yeah, somehow they only did one run of this soundtrack on vinyl and then it went out of print – until this run right here, which will probably also sell out extremely fast!

The Goblin King has left this world for good but you can relive the first time hearing classic David Bowie originals like “Chilly Down,” “Magic Dance,” “Underground,” “Within You” and “As the Word Falls Down.” There are also half a dozen Trevor Jones instrumentals from the score to the film.

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