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The Wine Condom

The Wine Condom

February 14th is Singles Awareness Day.

Condoms are maybe the most important part of a successful career as a single person in today’s dating pool. Everyone knows this by now, right? Riiiight? You crazy kids…

Your wine is no different. If you aren’t going to finish that bottle, you can’t leave it out, unprotected, all night. That’s just asking for trouble.

We’re obviously talking about leaving a second or third bottle of wine unfinished, here. It’s S.A.D. That first bottle’s getting finished. But we aren’t trying to set any records, so if the second or third bottle has to wait until the next day to get polished off, that’s totally fine.

Getting a cork back into a bottle after enjoying the contents of the bottle isn’t always easy or even a safe idea. That’s why we like to roll with The Wine Condom. Open up that tinfoil, pinch the tip (always pinch the tip) and roll the rubber down the shaft for full protection.

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