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Bathroom Tablet Stand

Bathroom Tablet Stand

Addicted to your tablet?

We’ve got just the thing to keep you from having to put down Candy Crush or take a potty break during your solo Frasier marathon!

This contraption is a tablet stand with a built-in toilet paper roll holder!

The stand’s maximum height is nearly 3 feet tall, so unless you need a stepladder to get up on top of your toilet seat then it’s basically exactly the height you need it to be for hands-on or hands-free tablet use while on the porcelain throne.

The base of the stand is weighted for sturdiness and the top part is flexible and able to be rotated a full 360 degrees for positioning a tablet right where you want it to be.

Now the only thing left to do is ask yourself why on earth you’re watching Frasier at all, let alone binge-watching every single episode, by yourself…

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