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Random Crap Bag

Random Crap Bag

Everyone has too much random crap in their lives.

Everyone keeps too much random crap in their lives!

It’s not gonna change anytime soon, either – because a lot of that random crap isn’t really random at all. It serves a purpose, even if only for 10 seconds a month, and that’s exactly why you need to have it on you at all times.

This is why people have bags for their random crap.

This is why we’re showing you a bag for random crap that’s made of recycled and woven materials to create a retro-feeling and retro-looking bit of convenience for you!

If anyone can send us old Japanese advertisements that this bag design reminds them of then that would also be amazing. Because the way this thing looks is so reminiscent of a Japanese ad we’ve seen at some point but none of us can remember what it is.

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