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No Smoking Condom

No Smoking Condom

This condom seems like an inside joke taken way too far. Anyone have any idea what this could possibly mean?

Is it a “lost in translation” thing? These condoms seem to be made in Scotland. That is definitely a universal “NO” symbol over an illustration of a blowjob, though…

Are blowjobs illegal in Scotland? Because blowjobs are awesome so that would be messed up, y’all. Or maybe they just thing foreplay is stupid. Like, “stop smoking that pole, put on your raincoat and have a proper shag!” That sort of thing?

Their asking price seems a bit steep, so there’s a chance this is an inside joke from a Scottish TV show or something. Maybe.¬†Who knows, man. Probably whoever came up with this wasn’t 100% sober. Probably you aren’t either… Maybe it makes perfect sense to you right now!

Click the link if you must own this!

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