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Reverse Condom Latex Briefs

Reverse Condom Latex Briefs

Okay, you know how a condom is a piece of latex (usually) made to be worn over the penis in order to prevent pregnancy, the spread of disease and, you know, “spillage”?

Well, these briefs are basically the exact opposite of that.

The latex part is the same but everything else is backwards.

Worn over the penis?

No. Not even a little bit. This is like a pair of underwear made out of rubber with a hole cut into the front for the explicit purpose of not covering the penis.

Prevent pregnancy?

Sorry, no. The only thing these kinky rubber sex briefs will prevent is a detailed response to your future children asking how they were conceived.

Prevent disease?

Again, no. If you want to practice safe sex while wearing this getup then you’ll need to also wear a condom. Yeah, it’s a lot of work.

As for getting the thing on, we hear a little bit of talcum powder is a big help…

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