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Hot Chocolates Challenge

Hot Chocolates Challenge

Chocolate and spice go together extremely well.

Most brands of really good chocolate bars will have at least one flavor with entry-level hot chilis in it for this reason. And if you’ve never made a recipe for brownies that called for some cayenne pepper in the batter then you sincerely do not understand the things that are absent from your life experience.

That being said, there is nothing pleasant or palatable about the hot chili extract used in this product. It’s just capsaicin extract, which is not very flavorful and is just a disrespectful amount of spicy. It’s literally hotter than the Carolina Reaper, which is the hottest pepper in the world.

So if you’d like to test the limits of your mouth’s ability to withstand pain (or see what happens when your friend is put to the same test) then this is the game for you. It’s really not even a game. It’s just a box of chocolates where close to half of them have this ungodly hot pepper extract in them.

If you’re a total anarchist then you can just sit down and take turns selecting chocolates to eat until one of you gets burned. We recommend making this a part of another game, like a drinking game with multiple challenges or Truth or Dare or something like that.

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