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Pink Gold-Plated Dragon Ring

Pink Gold-Plated Dragon Ring

Dragons, so hot right now!

And not just because of their flaming breath…

Thanks to Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and even How to Train Your Dragon (for those of you with kids, of course), dragons really are having a bit of a renaissance right now.

Show your love for those giant flying and fire-breathing lizards with this magnificent piece of jewelry. Resembling a cute little dragon wrapped around your finger, accents of rose-gold plating lend beautiful definition to the effect!

No need to figure out your ring measurement or decide what finger the ring will be for because this is an adjustable ring. Simply squeeze it for a tighter fit and enjoy the compliments!

By the way, if you’re new to this dragon thing and also happened to hear about Tumblr this week – whatever you do, do not search for people talking about dragons on Tumblr. It’s a mistake and you’ll never be able to forget the things you see there.

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