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Raven Bookends

Raven Bookends

A lovely addition to any bookshelf!

There’s a few different bookshelf situations you could have going on in your home or office.

First, it’s the possibility that you don’t have a bookshelf at all, in which case there’s hopefully at least a couple of stacks of books in your furniture-less home. Because if you don’t read books then that’s honestly unacceptable.

Next, you could be one of those people with just a tiny little bookshelf to hold the 5 or 6 books you’ve read in your life, like a little trophy case to prove that you aren’t dumb. Nothing wrong with that. It works.

And last is the situation for everyone who is fully addicted to reading. These are the people where you can see the wood of the shelf bending under the weight of all the books piled on the thing.

Everyone with a bookshelf should be able to appreciate these raven bookends!

Yes, it’s meant to call to mind Edgar Allen Poe’s raven. No, you don’t have to love amazing American horror literature to respect and enjoy the symbol.

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