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Countdown to “Blackout Friday”

Countdown to “Blackout Friday”

Everyone’s doing Black Friday countdowns and we’re just not into that. Not because we want to convince you we’re opposed to capitalism or any other such obviously phony PR attempts. But because all the stuff people are putting on sale is just… boring.

So we’re creating “Blackout Friday” and doing a countdown to that instead! Every day until November 27, we’ll designate one item as a special Blackout Friday item and post it on the site. The products aren’t going on sale or anything, as far as we know. But they are items we especially recommend saving to a wishlist for easy access.

When all the usual Black Friday madness gets to be too much to handle, it sometimes becomes necessary to blow off some steam and buy something totally outrageous. If that happens – and if the products we select don’t sell out as soon as we post them – our Blackout Friday choices can be find under the tag: Blackout Friday

Feel free to use #BlackoutFriday and #drunkmall like crazy this month, too.


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