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Bacon Print Duct Tape

Bacon Print Duct Tape

So here’s a thing we let happen in our generation. On top of allowing “literally” to some-crazy-how wind up officially flip-flopping harder than HRC to mean the exact opposite of what it’s supposed to mean, we let people refer to “duct tape” as “duck tape” so often that a company came along and decided to make a brand of duct tape called Duck. So, yeah, that’s pretty much where we are now with all of that.


At least Duck tape does cool stuff like make duct tape printed with a high-definition┬ábacon design. Naturally, none of the fix-anything-ability of the tape is compromised. It’s just that now all of your quick maintenance jobs will look a lot more delicious!

If duct tape can’t fix it, try bacon. If bacon can’t fix it, try duct tape.

See how that works?

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