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BEAUTY: Cute Lip Balms!

Cute Lip Balms

When it comes to making first impressions, lips are important.

Even if it’s not a person you intend on ever kissing or anything like that, you can’t deny that healthy lips just give you a more positive feeling about a person than chapped lips. It’s probably some biological evolution thing or maybe dry, flaky lips are simply a bummer to look at. Either way…

There’s no reason worry about putting that kind of face in front of someone else’s face because lip balms and lip glosses are readily available at affordable prices and quite often in an adorable container you’ll love to carry around!

For example…

#1 DIY Lava Lamp Gloss Kit


DIY Lava Lamp Gloss Kit

You can get up close and personal with what’s in your lip gloss with this kit.

There are two different color/flavor combos but you gotta go with the pink/orange & cream flavor, no question. The kit comes with everything you need to make your own “lava lamp” effect lip gloss roll-on tubes.

Enjoy those trippy vibes!

#2 Nicolas Cage Lip Balm Set

Nicolas Cage Lip Balm Set

Can’t get enough of Nicolas Cage here at drunkMall.

Never have, never will.

There’s apparently a thing called Cages Through the Ages, which looks to be drawings of Nic Cage in drag from various eras in history.

Yeah, it’s fabulous.

You can get the full set of Nicolas Cage lip glosses here. That’s 5 pieces of lipstick tube sized art, if you ask us.

#3 Pickle Lips Flavored Balm

Pickle Lips Flavored Balm

If you’ve ever drank pickle juice straight from the jar then pickle flavor lip balm is for you!

It’s all that dill flavor in a form that fits in your pocket!

Highly recommend using this one before a good makeout session. Let ’em know you’re about that pickle life.

#4 Unicorn Lip Glosses

Unicorn Lip Glosses

Everyone’s got that friend that will just pick up their lip balm and use it like it’s normal. For some reason, people seem to feel more comfortable doing this with tube style lip stuff than a finger rub style balm.

This chunky little unicorn is hiding some great lip gloss inside of it!

Those chapstick thieves may not even realize what it is…

#5 Precious Flower Lip Balm

Precious Flower Lip Balm

Okay, have you ever seen a lip balm this freakin’ beautiful?

Not only does this lip balm have a small purple flower suspended inside but it’s made of a super smart formula to interact with your lips pH levels or something?

You’ll just have to read about it…

#6 Cowgirl Lip Balm

Cowgirl Lip Balm

Out there on the rolling plains, herding them livestock all around and bustin’ broncs. That’s when your lip balm is really gonna be put to the test.

Don’t get out there on your rusty mount without a tube of cowgirl lip balm!

Fight the heat and high winds’ attack on your beautiful kisser.

#7 Doughnut Lip Gloss

Doughnut Lip Gloss

Another rubber style, though this one is quite unique.

Close that lid and the top is designed like a frosted doughnut but the lip gloss inside is the real star of the show. Look at that perfect pink!

Get this on your mouth, sweet lips!

#8 Flamingo Lip Gloss

Flamingo Lip Gloss

You already know this is a rub-on style lip gloss and you already know where it’s housed in this little flamingo.

Flamingo lip gloss is yet one more cute option for carrying around some discreet shine for your smackers!

#9 Cinnamon Roll Lip Gloss

Cinnamon Roll Lip Gloss

This is the one, right?

Well, if you agree that cinnamon roll lip gloss in a miniature cinnamon roll case is an absolute must have, you need to get on this immediately because they aren’t making any more of these and they’re selling fast!

#10 Rosie the Riveter Lip Balm

Rosie the Riveter Lip Balm

There’s nothing wimpy about using lip balm.

And if you don’t believe it, Rosie the Riveter lip balm is here to put a hurting on dry lips!

#11 Narwhal Berry Lip Gloss

Narwhal Berry Lip Gloss

Narwhals are like the unicorn of the sea.

Plus they’re one of the official animals of the Internet!

Get yourself some narwhal lip gloss now – it’s berry flavored!

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