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Scary Clown Light Mask

Scary Clown Light Mask

You think clowns are scary.

We get it.

But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, kiddo!

If any old regular clown can scare you, just imagine walking down a dark alley and seeing someone wearing this mask step out of the shadows!

In daylight, it just looks like a weird plastic mask with some tubing on it.

But at night time – oh, you’d better just watch your ass at night time – at night time, those tubes light up to create a super creepy face with sloppy green eyes and a much-too-large, toothsome grin.

And the best part?

The darker the environment, the scarier the mask gets!

Imagine it. The room is pitch black dark until there’s all of the sudden a bright green and red wicked face coming your direction!

That’s the type of fear you can put in to other with this mask!

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