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Hall & Oates Heavy Metal Snapback

Hall & Oates Heavy Metal Snapback

Hall & Oates are so metal.

Like, you don’t even know how metal Hall & Oates are.

Because heavy metal, for the most part, is a genre built on precision. Take those first three Metallica albums, for example. (Yes, the first three and the first three only. Forget Justice, forget The Black Album. Those songs are for children.) What makes the first three Metallica albums immortal is the breakneck riffage, starting and stopping on dime after dime like a perfectly constructed machine. It’s enough to make an Italian sports car engineer weep.

Now go listen to some Hall & Oates.

Yeah, it’s slower and infinitely smooooooth – but that precision is there, kids. You can’t miss it. The structure and production of those sweet and sensual Hall & Oates hits is just as much of a well-oiled machine as “Hit the Lights” or “Battery.”

So it’s time to let Hall & Oates take their rightful place in the metal world by rocking this tough-as-nails snapback featuring those legendary last names in a very familiar font.

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