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Mini-Pixelated The Tick

Mini-Pixelated The Tick

The Tick is back, baby!

In this age of rebooting classic television shows that were much better off left in the past – Fuller House, anyone? – Amazon somehow brought The Tick into 2017 as nothing short of a phenomenal, live-action superhero TV show!

It’s practically a miracle, honestly. If you enjoyed The Tick as a comic or cartoon series (or even if you’ve never seen those), we can not recommend this new show enough. After watching it, you’ll become as much of a fan as we are and you’ll realize the one thing missing from your life is sweet, sweet The Tick merchandise!

These Pixel Party figures are new to us but if the rest of them looks like this tiny pixelated statuette of The Tick, then we’re fully on board for this, too! The hype train hasn’t left the station for this show yet but, trust us, when the second half of the first season comes out in February, it will!

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