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Howbow Dah Girl Sweater

Howbow Dah Girl Sweater

Cash yourself without a dope sweater to wear in cold winter weather?

Howbow no!

This ill-mannered, bad tempered young lady has gone viral around the world for the sullen attitude and honestly really weird way of speaking that she put on display during a recent appearance on Dr. Phil’s TV show. The video of her segment, in which she (a 13 year old girl) basically challenges an entire audience of people to fight her in the parking lot if they don’t like how she lives her life, has racked up millions and millions of YouTube views.

So you definitely already know who this is. In fact, by the time you read this, Danielle will have been back on the show and there will likely be a whole ‘nother round of memes and remixes and general celebration of the fact that this little terror is a real person who exists.

So grab this sweater and join in on the fun!

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