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Personal Pool Island with Canopy

Personal Pool Island with Canopy

It’s never been easier or more affordable to own a private island all to yourself!

Okay, fine, you’re gonna make use break this one down. We’re ready for it.

Your private island fantasies were probably a lot bigger than this. You were probably thinking of an island that was at least large enough to hold one mansion, inevitably with a pool (even though there would by definition be plenty of water in direct proximity) and maybe even some jungle area with cute monkeys and shit.

Let’s look a little bit closer at that fantasy.

Do you have any idea how much fu-hu-hu-hu-cking money that would cost?! Millions and millions of dollars. You’ve usually got to work your everloving ass off for a decade or two to accumulate that type of wealth and even if you inherit it then it probably comes with a level of responsibility immeasurably higher than where you’re currently living.

Oh, and wild monkeys will eat your face off if you give them a chance.

So scale that fantasy down, redefine your definition of “private island” and enjoy this royalty-worthy float with armrests and its own canopy!

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