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Backstage with Beth and Trina Scratch-and-Sniff

Backstage with Beth and Trina Scratch-and-Sniff

Anyone who’s ever been backstage at any rock show can testify to how truly horrifying it is that the creators of this book chose to make it a “scratch-and-sniff adventure.”

That being said, someone needed to document the adventures of girls like Beth and Trina because they are basically an endangered species. Rock music barely exists anymore and there’s a whole culture dying with it. Yeah, that may not be such a bad thing but this is about documenting history! Future generations need to know about the sights and sounds and, uh, the smells of those crazy nights.

It’s all here. The smoke (both kinds), the flat beer, the fruity lip gloss, leather and latex… Even the vomit.

Thirty illustrated pages take us through Beth and Trina’s quest to make it backstage and party with the band!

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