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Five Pound Bag of Gummy Bears

Five Pound Bag of Gummy Bears

Oh you know that’s right!

FIVE POUNDS of gummy bears!

Right off the bat, these are not the famous sugar-free gummy bears of death. These are 100% Haribo, Grade A, primo stuff – that good good!

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about a five pound bag of gummy bears and why it is the perfect symbol of the freedom that comes with being a single adult. (Singles Awareness Day countdown, what up!)

It’s super simple: single adults get to make their own decisions. Right about now, 3,000 of y’all are getting ready to leave us some TL;DR comments about how you can be in a relationship and still make your own decisions.

Yeah. Whatever.

It’s the sideways glances that do it. Like, a person should be able to spend a Sunday night on the couch, watching TV and eating gummy bears out of a five pound bag (even if it is a so-called “holiday”) without catching all that side eye…

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