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Scary Cat Toy

Scary Cat Toy

Finally, a stuffed animal for everyone who always wished one of their stuffed animals would get possessed by a demon like some ’80s movie!

Feisty Pets is a new line of plush stuffed animals with hidden buttons that turn their faces from standard adorably cuddly creature face to HOLY SHIT I THINK THIS THING WANTS TO EAT MY NOSE OFF MY FACE!

The buttons are hidden inside each animal’s head, so you could theoretically let a little kid hang on to one of the dolls without them activating the fear switch but you probably wouldn’t want to do that because if the back of its head gets squeezed the right way then out come the fangs!

We like the cat (because cats will eff you up) but you can also get a regular teddy bear, a polar bear, a panda bear, a dog or a bunny.

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