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Penis Beer Bong

Penis Beer Bong

There’s always been something a little sexual about doing a beer bong. Like, one must get down on their knees before another person, wrap their lips around a tube and the whole thing often ends with white liquid spraying all over the place. And if all of this happens in a frat house they might even have some beer to drink after it’s over.

So it’s not that surprising that someone finally hooked up the end of a beer bong to what looks like (and basically is) a dildo. It’s perfect for bachelorette parties, obviously. But also, this is an amazing anti-reward for the loser(s) of pretty much any contest or bet that happens at a party.

How’s that for an incentive? Bring home the win or else it’s time for a dick bong! (Butt-chugging is NOT recommended!)

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