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Sexy Grumpy Bear Costume

Sexy Grumpy Bear Costume

Aw, does baby bear feel a wittle bit grumpy and need some special attention?!

Listen, everyone knows about Rule 34, right? That’s the rule of The Internet stating that anything you can imagine has been featured in pornography. Anything. And it’s real. If you don’t believe it, feel free to visit a search engine real fast. We’ll wait.

Okay, now that your life has been changed forever, drunkMall would like to officially propose Rule 68, stating that anything you can imagine has been used in sexual roleplaying. Rule 68 is the best explanation for why a sexy Grumpy Bear costume like this exists.

And, whoa mama, it exists!

What you do when it shows up in the mail is up to you. But what’ll be in that package when it does is the sassy little poofed out mini-dress, complete with Grumpy Bear tummy patch, and the bear ears headband.

Grump & Hump?!

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